sunny sunny
Currently: 61.9, Min: 37.2, Max: 62.4
61.9°F  Warmer:  0.6 °F than last hour.


Feels like: 62°F
Inside: 56.7°F
  High Low
Today: 62.4°F (3:50 pm) 37.2°F (6:21 am)
Yesterday: 49.5°F (12:00 am) 41.1°F (11:52 pm)
Month: 71.1°F (Apr-8) -11.4°F (Mar-4)
Year: 97.0°F (May-27) -27.6°F (Jan-31)


Rain Today:0.00 in

Rain Rate/hr:0.00 in

Yesterday:0.00 in

This Month:2.09 in

Season Total:39.05 in


Wind from S

Wind from S
0.8 mph

0 Bft

2.0 mph

Gust today:
14.0 mph at 1:12 pm


Sun:   sunrise  6:08 am sunset  7:46 pm

Daylight hh:mm 13:38 (+ 3 minutes)

Moon:  moonrise  8:44 am moonset  7:29 pm

Full Moon,  100% Illuminated

Humidity & Barometer

Humidity: Decreased by:  5.0% the last hour. 27%

Dew Point: Decreased by:  3.4 °F the last hour. 27.5°F

Barometer:   29.91 inHg

Trend: Steady

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6.7   High 

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5.5   Medium 


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